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Governor’s comments regarding the fire at the Main Building of Shurijo Castle, etc.

Message from the Governor of Okinawa

November 7, 2019

On behalf of the people of Okinawa, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the kind words and generous donations from so many of you to support the restoration and reconstruction of Shurijyo Castle after the tragic fire.

We have received a tremendous amount of heartfelt support, not only from the residents of Okinawa, but also from mainland Japan and overseas, from many who have felt as if it were their own tragedy and stepped forward immediately to offer help. This has been greatly encouraging to everyone who wishes for the castle’s restoration and reconstruction, including myself.

Although the castle was burnt down during World War II, we appealed to the government of Japan and its related agencies to restore the castle, because it was a symbol of the historical and cultural heritage of Okinawa. The government of Japan accepted our request and supported us to reconstruct the castle. And we had just recently finished a restoration and maintenance project commemorating the 20th anniversary of Okinawa’s reversion to Japan.

In order to address the reconstruction after the fire in a timely manner across the prefectural government’s departments, we have established a taskforce called the “Shurijyo Castle Reconstruction Strategy Team” under the direct leadership of the Governor. The team will work on creating a roadmap for the restoration and reconstruction of Shurijo Castle, building a cooperative relationship with the central government, developing the restoration and reconstruction concept plans, and coordinating donations and fundraising efforts. The team will also be in charge of the Prefectural Council for Shurijo Castle Restoration and Reconstruction (tentative name).

Okinawa Prefectural Government is fully committed to make every effort in the early restoration and reconstruction of Shuri Castle, in cooperation with the Government of Japan, related organizations both domestic and overseas, and with support from the people of Okinawa, the people of Japan, and the world-wide Uchinanchu.

I sincerely ask for your further understanding and cooperation with us to realize the earliest possible restoration and reconstruction of Shurijo Castle.


Denny Tamaki
Governor of Okinawa Prefecture