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Okinawa Prefecture

The rich island located in the southwest

of mainland Japan


The U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa

This website will send out

of the U.S. military bases in Okinawa,

issues stemming from the bases,

as well as the U.S. bases and Okinawa’s economy, etc.

information concerning the current situation

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Message from the Governor


Takeshi Onaga
Governor of Okinawa Prefecture

I am Takeshi Onaga, Governor of Okinawa Prefecture. In fulfilling the mandate granted by the 1,430,000 people of Okinawa Prefecture, I have been doing everything I can as governor to find solutions to problems that Okinawa faces in a variety of areas.

Okinawa Prefecture was the site of the only ground battle in Japan during World War II approximately 70 years ago. More than 200,000 people, including about 120,000 Okinawans, lost their lives during the fighting.After the war when most of the population on Okinawa was confined to internment camps, the U.S. Military forcibly seized land and built many military bases. Later, in 1951, Japan signed the San Francisco Peace Treaty and reclaimed their sovereignty. However, Okinawa remained under the U.S. military control for 27 years until its reversion to Japan in 1972.


Okinawa Prefectural Government
Washington D.C. Office

The Okinawa Prefectural Government Washington D.C. Office plays a key role in supporting the Governor’s visits to the United States, gathering information pertinent to base issues, and disseminating information about the situation in Okinawa.
The Washington D.C. Office is committed to accurately conveying the Governor’s attitude and ideas and Okinawa’s situation to the United States, realizing the Governor’s pledges, and working to resolve the issues related to Okinawa.

Role of the Washington D.C. Office

  • Gathering information pertinent to base issues
  • Disseminating information about Okinawa’s situation and other matters
  • Supporting the Governor’s visits to the United States
  • Introducing more Okinawa-related publications to the U.S. and improving Okinawa-related research environment

Our Activities

Governor Onaga’s third visit to the U.S.

Governor Takeshi Onaga paid his third visit to Washington D.C. from January 31, 2017 to February 3, 2017 and met and talked with a total of 26 people, mainly from the Congressional Research Service, the U.S. Congress, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense. We believe that the unders... Read More

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